What Buzz Lightyear would Look Like if He Were Real

We've all seen the "real-life" versions of our favorite cartoon characters, with Rick Baker's design of Popeye, and Tim O'Brien's Charlie Brown, which are only two of many out there. Those all use realistic skin and fabric textures, but they're caricatures. Anatomically, you'd never see someone walking down the street looking like that.

But here's an untooned version of Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear, that could pass for a Buzz Light-Year live-action film Pixar could do.

Click image for hi-res:


Created by Brazilian 3D artist Raoni Nery, who works for Seagulls Fly Studio located in Rio de Janeiro, the artist drew from another familiar property that us geeks know.

Here's a roughly translated explanation from Nery:

This is my version of Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear. I didnt tried to make a caricature of him. My intention was to make a parody with the Blizzard’s Starcraft Mariners. I found many similarities with the concept of the bishops and Buzz. So i got the inspiration to do this image.

Here's Buzz from the Pixar films, and below is a Starcraft Marine. You can definitely see how well the two were combined to create the design.

He doesn't say who the face is modeled after, but to me it looks like Patrick Warburton and Ray Stevenson (Punisher War Zone, Rome).