DC Entertainment Moving Forward with THE FLASH movie, Greg Berlanti Directing?

Is it possible that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are finally going to move forward with a Flash film? We knew that it would eventually happen, The Flash is a very popular comic book superhero, it all came down to when, who and how. Now that DC Entertainment has a new team of talent perhaps this project is finally ready to be tackled. 

The last we heard the film wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Dark Knight producer Charles Roven was on the project at the time and nobody at the studio liked what he and his team were coming up with. Since then, it's been quiet.

Then today over at IESB a ray of light shines through the dark clouds and lightning strikes. They got word that Warner Bros. is currently lining up a director for the long awaited Flash movie. That director is Greg Berlanti. Why does that name sound familiar? Because he wrote the script for the Green Lantern movie currently being made. He's also been a writer on several TV series such as Everwood and Eli Stone

Apparently the people at Warner Bros. love what he's done to help out with The Green Lantern and he is on the top of their list to develop the new Flash film. 

DC Entertainment has lit a raging fire recently with bringing in Chris and Jonah Nolan and David Goyer to work on The Man of Steel, and word that a script for Batman 3 is being worked on. I'm happy to see that the wheels are in motion over at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. It sounds like that they are finally ready to start bringing our favorite DC characters to life.

What do you all think about Berlanti coming in to direct THE FLASH?

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