Bad Idea: Waterworld's Costner and Reynolds Re-Team for LEARNING ITALIAN

Let me paint a picture for you, to make sense of this situation:

There's a couple in every group of friends that throws CRAPPY parties. You went to their parties when they first started throwing them, and they seemed alright. But then they started acting like their parties were better than your other friends parties, which they weren't. But some of the parties they threw separately were good! But then that couple got BACK TOGETHER and spent a ton of money on their last party, like MORE MONEY than ANY OTHER party EVER, at that time, and that party was the WORST PARTY of them all: Almost no one showed up, there was water everywhere, and Kevin Costner was the MC. Now this couple wants to throw another PARTY...

Now replace the word "party" with movie, the word "couple" with actor-and-director, and the word "Kevin Costner," with Kevin Costner!

Kevin Reynolds and Kevin Costner -- the director and actor team behind such films as Fandango, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Waterworld -- will be teaming up for the fourth time in the spy comedy Learning Italian.

Costner will star as a "CIA agent who has been stationed in an idyllic coastal town in Italy to keep an eye on a KGB agent there -- until both secret agencies order the two spies to return to their respective countries and cook up a pseudo-threat to justify their continued stays in Italy."

Costner will produce with Reynolds and Howard Kaplan.

The Diplomat Films and Bavaria Film Partners co-production is set to shoot at the Bavaria Film Studios and around southern Germany, to take advantage of Germany's generous film subsidies and incentives.

What do you think of the two Kevin's getting back together for LEARNING ITALIAN? Will you be attending the "Party?"

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