Must Watch: Bad-Ass Minute Long Battle Between CG Samurai

Videosby Eli Reyes

How should I describe this? Do I need to describe it? Take a minute out of your day... no wait, 57 seconds out of your day and put a smile on your face. How? By watching some near flawless CG mo-cap Samurai do battle!

Spoiler: ONE OF THESE GUYS IS GOING TO DIE!!!!! End Spolier. 

Here's all the geeky details on the vid from Phil Shoebottom

  • This was an internal development piece that we produced at RealtimeUK.
  • The team was approx 4/5 people, working over a couple of months.
  • Made in 3dsmax, rendered in vray, post in AfterFX.
  • It's a bit flickery in places, but we were on a tight deadline before we had to get back to paid work. Only just managed to fit it in.
  • Might see about re-rendering a few bits.
  • The body is Mo-Cap, the Face is hand animated morph targets.
  • The Mo-Cap data is taken from one continuous stream. The whole piece plays end to end, so we could concentrate on the cinematography.
  • Characters were modelled in zbrush.

These guys did this in their spare time... for fun! How awesome is that? You know what I've done in my spare time that is this bad-ass? Nothing. If my dirty clothes make it into the hamper... it's a "productive" day.



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