3 New Awesome CLASH OF THE TITANS TV Spots

Hey Gang! The excitement is building for the new Clash of the Titans film, there was a lot skepticism and trash talk at first surrounding this remake, but now it seems a lot of people have changed their tune, and why not!? The movie looks like its gonna be freakin awesome! Director Louise Leterreire has really gone all out with this film giving it a great look with a lot of great looking monsters. There's no doubt this is going to end up being one hell of a ride at the movies.

Here are three new TV spots for you to watch that have aired during the Winter Olympics. Watch 'em below and make sure to tell us what ya think!

Olympics TV Spot - Change Everything - focuses on Perseus and his close relationship to the Titans.

Olympics TV Spot - Take a Stand - shows new dialogue and footage from the film.

Olympics TV Spot - Rock - follows the same formula as the trailer, but does show new footage in the latter half.


In Clash Of The Titans," The Ultimate Struggle For Power Pits Men Against Kings And Kings Against Gods. But The War Between The Gods Themselves Could Destroy The World. Born Of A God But Raised As A Man, Perseus (Sam Worthington) Is Helpless To Save His Family From Hades (Ralph Fiennes), Vengeful God Of The Underworld. With Nothing Left To Lose, Perseus Volunteers To Lead A Dangerous Mission To Defeat Hades Before He Can Seize Power From Zeus (Liam Neeson) And Unleash Hell On Earth. Leading A Daring Band Of Warriors, Perseus Sets Off On A Perilous Journey Deep Into Forbidden Worlds. Battling Unholy Demons And Fearsome Beasts, He Will Only Survive If He Can Accept His Power As A God, Defy His Fate And Create His Own Destiny.

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