IRON MAN harnesses the Power of Apples... and so can you!

Iron Manby Eli Reyes

You may remember the black and white Iron Man decal that was released not too long ago for the Macbook. We'll call the decal the Mark 1 decal. Well, here's a new Iron Man decal that is in full color, an makes the Apple logo a little less recognizable and gives Tony Stark a more subtle branding than the giant glowing apple on his chest. We'll call this new decal the Mark 2 decal. Though that may be a plus for some comic geeks, it might not fly as well with the people who want their Apple flag out in all of its glory.

For those of you who want to show your Iron Man and Apple love, you can purchase the decals for 13", 15", and 17" Macbooks over at Etsy for just $14.99 (free shipping).