Wanna know what drives Alice back into Wonderland? We've got a great new TV trailer for Tim Burton's new film Alice in Wonderland that focuses on just that. If you don't already know Alice gets proposed to by a guy that isn't really that attractive at all. After he proposes to Alice she pretty much freaks out and runs away... I don't blame her though, and neither will you once you get a look at this fella. It's after she runs away that she falls into the rabbit hole. I assume after Alice is done with her adventure in Wonderland she will come back to give the guy her answer. 

Alice Kingsley, now 19, attends a party at a Victorian estate shortly after the death of her beloved father. The party, unbeknownst to Alice, is an engagement party planned by her mother and sister. Just as the arrogant and dull Hamish Ascot proposes to Alice under a gazebo and under the eyes of hundreds of snooty society-types, Alice spots a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and pocket watch. In shock and confusion, she runs off into a maze and follows the White Rabbit through it, only to later tumble down a rabbit hole into Underland (more commonly referred to as "Wonderland" by its inhabitants), a place she has visited ten years before, yet doesn't remember. In Wonderland, she reunites with her childhood friends, including the Mad Hatter, who explains to Alice that they need her help in over-throwing the Red Queen, who has assumed control of all Wonderland. Alice then embarks — assuming both large and small sizes — on an adventure of self discovery and to save Wonderland and her Wonderland friends from both the Jabberwocky and the Red Queen's reign of terror.

The new trailer has got some new footage that we haven't seen before. The movie is set to be released March 5th 2010. Check out the new TV spot below and tell us what ya think!

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