This Week in Comics, 02.03.2010

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The Great Narrator roams alone in a universe all but utterly destroyed from a ravaging war between good and evil. He has the power to see events on every Earth of every possible universe at any possible Time, but he kicks back in his cosmic recliner to read...This Week in Comics.

Geek Tyrants, what's up?? Anyone catch that last episode of Dollhouse? I haven't yet. Who's digging that show Archer on FX? I got a call from my friend yesterday telling me about this Friday's Smallville, a mini-movie written by Geoff Johns. What I haven't told you is I get paid everytime I drop Geoff Johns' name. I saved his life once, and he owes me. But I'll save that story for next week. Until then, enjoy this week's comic book news.

-- Last week, I mentioned a new series called First Wave. If you don't remember, than you've been a fair-weather fan, and I don't think I like you. There are some options to make it up to me... 1) Bake a cake in the shape of Goldar from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. 2) Name a meteor after me, but only if it's heading on a direct course for Earth. OR 3) Do both, and we ring in the destruction of the Earth while eating a Goldar shaped cake. Anyway, First Wave hearkens back to the 1940s noir age of comics, with a Batman who uses a gun and no one has superpowers. **gasp** Looks like DC now has a place in the multiverse where it'll be exciting when someone with superpowers shows up.[Take a look at some FIRST WAVE #1]

-- Also following up on past posts, Kevin Smith wrote a screenplay for The Green Hornet movie, and now CBR takes us through the process on how they converted the screenplay to a comic book. It's easy really. Take out the Hollywood clichés, don't hire Shia LaBeouf or Channing Tatum, and get James Cameron to write and draw it. WARNING: It may make billions of dollars and involve a "Blue Hornet". [Taking "Green Hornet" From Words to Pictures]

-- Iron Man is joining the Avengers again, unlike last time, when he betrayed them like a corporate, sell-out bitch. Hopefully the RDJ Iron Man won't betray the Val Kilmer Captain America and sell-out to the government in the Hollywood movies. Although, if you join the Initiative, you won't get arrested for being a superhero... and I'm pretty sure the She-Hulk is on the Initiative side (spicy!)... Buuut, Spider-Woman is on the underground Mighty Avengers side (sticky!)... So many decisions! I'd join whatever team had fresh doughnuts each morning. [Update 2: AVENGERS 2010: Iron Man Is An Avenger]

-- What can the iPad do for me? Change its name first off. Second, it can make digital comics and motion comics one of its more attractive qualities. Using the right torrents, and I don't recommend this, you'd be able to access thousands if not thousands of thousands of comics all on the iPad. So next time you say, "Uh, the iPad sucks balls!", remember what its potential could be with the comic book world... Thousands of thousands... [The iPad And Comics: What's Next?]

-- Alright, Stan Lee is helping write manga. Manga proves to be difficult to read, and I don't know why. I feel like I enter the Mirror Universe or Bizarro World as I kick around those long-haired, emo tweens cluttering up the comic section of my local Books-A-Million reading a black and white copy of "Fluffers the Magic Demon Warrior Rabbit: V19"(c). Every time I try to read one, I feel like the story is going in reverse, and the characters are talking to people that they've never met, and THEN they meet them. That's why I'm afraid to visit Japan; people may start talking to me like they know me! You don't know me, samurai! Plus, I'm afraid of Pokémon. [Stan Lee Makes His Manga]



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