MALEVOLENCE Prequel Update

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One of the best horror/slasher films I've ever seen is getting closer to having its prequel finally released! Malevolence: Bereavement, which will now just be called Bereavement, is in the post production stages and will tell the story of a young Martin Bristol who is kidnapped by serial killer Graham Sutter and how he himself eventually turns into a serial killer too. Director Stevan Mena has seriously taken his sweet ass time on this film and tells Fango;

The film is in final post-production, so we’re just working on the final touches of the sound mix,

He then goes on explaning about the long delay saying;

There’s a tremendous amount of plot that I’m trying to get into a two-hour movie, so certain things couldn’t make it in, and it was a long process for me to decide what should and shouldn’t be in the final picture. The initial cut was about three hours long, so it has been a laborious process to kind of kill my babies and figure out what the final film’s gonna be. It has taken me a while to really get my head wrapped around that, and now I’ve finally done it.

We wanted this film to be its own entity, there are certain things which will be obvious if you’ve seen the original. And if you haven’t, it certainly stands on its own. I’d say that you should see this, and then watch Malevolence.

Bereavement stars Michael Biehn, John Savage, Brett Rickaby, Alexandra Daddario. Spencer List, Jennifer Blanc and Kathryn Meisle.

There's no official set release date on this first of two planned sequels, but as soon as we find out something we'll let you guys know!

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