Quentin Tarantino on DePalma vs. Scorsese, Avatar vs. Kill Bill, and shooting Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino tells some of the best stories. We're not talking about storytelling through his movies --which he's a proven master at -- we're talking about orally telling a story. Our friends at /Film pointed us to some videos that Jeff Wells uploaded, of Tarantino riffing it up at the "Directors on Directing" panel discussion at Santa Barbara's Lobero theatre.

Back in August, when Tarantino guest hosted Britain's Sky Movies, you may have seen him explaining Brian Depalma's and Martin Scorsese's friendly rivalry, and the infamous rumor that Scorsese bought a gun and threatened a Hollywood Executive. In the first video Tarantino recounts more of the DePalma/Scorsese rivalry. In the second he talks about how Avatar would have changed the way he shot Kill Bill, had it come out first. And in the third, he talks about the copious amounts of footage he shot for Reservoir Dogs, trying to prove himself to his actors in the first week of filming. 

Depalma's Blow Out Vs. Scorsese's Raging Bull

How Avatar would have changed Kill Bill

The First Week of Shooting Reservoir Dogs