Christopher Nolan will Help Develop SUPERMAN and BATMAN 3 in Moving Forward

Hey Gang! Now here's some awesome news for you! It looks like Warner Bros. is moving forward with both a Superman movie, a third Batman movie and director Christopher Nolan will be making it happen. 

We've been hearing about Warner Bros rebooting the Superman franchise for some time now, but they could never figure out what they wanted to do with it. They've met with several people and have heard a bunch of different pitches, but nothing really grabbed them. So now they've turned to Nolan, who won't write or direct the movie, but he will guide the production in the right direction. Insiders at the studio say he will be playing a Godfather type role in the production process. They realize that his leadership skills will play a huge part in developing the Superman franchise into what it needs to be. 

I couldn't be more excited that Nolan is going to be involved in the organization process of the next installment of Superman. If anyone can reboot the franchise successfully it's Nolan. The guy has an amazing creative imagination and he's great at what he does. The film is in the very early stages, and it will not be a follow-up film to Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. It will be interesting to see how big of a role Nolan will play in the production.

As for Batman 3, we recently reported that David Goyer and Jonah Nolan have started writing the script for the movie. This news has been confirmed over at Deadline Hollywood and they report Nolan has hatched an idea for Warner Bros' third Batman installment, and now that idea is being written out. 

It's extremely exciting that Batman 3 has begun being developed, and there's no doubt that we're all excited to see what Nolan has planned for the caped crusader in the next chapter of The Dark Knight.

It's awesome that Nolan is involved with Superman, and that Batman 3 is moving forward! I'm sure fans will be very happy to hear this news.

What are your thoughts on Nolan's involvement with Superman, and Batman 3 finally being developed?

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