Mark Millar thinks Wanted 2 will be made without Jolie

Last week we reported that Angelina Jolie dropped out of Wanted 2 to pursue other film projects. It was assumed the the sequel to the hit film wanted was dead, and that the studio wouldn't move forward with production without Jolie.

Wanted creator Mark Miller recently talked to Scoland's TV station STV and during the interview they asked him to elaborate on the reports about the movie being scrapped after Angelina Jolie dropped out, and as far as he knows, the sequel was still moving forward. He said that they just need to do a few plot modifications that will introduce a new character that would replace Jolie's character.

This actually makes more sense than bringing Jolie back for a sequel because she "pretty much" shot herself in the head at the end of the first movie. Millar is confident that they will come up with a cool way to make this transition into the sequel as smooth as possible. 

I was never really on board with bringing Jolie back from the dead in the first place. Jolie dropping out may be the best thing that happened for this sequel and its story.

Watch the full video interview Here.

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