INCEPTION Plot Details and Running Time Confirmed


We're all pretty excited about what Christopher Nolan has planned for the Batman and Superman franchises, but let's not forget that we will be getting a Nolan film that is still being shrouded with as much mystery, even though it will already be hitting theaters July 16th... but that's just the way we like it, right?

Well here's some news tidbits for Nolan's high-concept thriller Inception, that aren't spoilers, rumors, or theories of any kind.

First little blurb to pass along, from the February issue of Empire Magazine, a brief mention of Inception in the “On-Set Preview” section, reveals that writer/director Christopher Nolan has had the the idea for the movie brewing in his head for quite a while, conceptualizing the idea when he was only 16 years old... That's 24 years ago!

Secondly, Nolan further confirmed the leaked plot line from last year, with The Playlist reprinting a quote Nolan gave the magazine:

Basically the film deals with levels of reality, and perceptions of reality which is something I’m very interested in. Its an action film set in a contemporary world, but with a slight science-fiction bent to it. Cobb [Leonardo DiCaprio's character], who is the center of things and expert in a particular technology that the film revolves around, has put this team around him [Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt]. It’s very much an ensemble film structured somewhat as a heist movie. It’s an action adventure that spans the globe.

Lastly, when being interviewed by, lead actor Leonardo Dicaprio stayed tight-lipped about anythign related to the story of Inception, but revealed the running time, saying:

I can tell you it’s about two hours long, give or take,” DiCaprio smiles. “Anything more than that, and Chris has vowed to have me strung up by my tongue…

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