Season 8 of 24 Might be its Last

TV 24 by Joey Paur

Fox is currently in the middle of showing the eighth season of the hit TV series 24. This is a show I've been watching from the very beginning and I'm absolutely loving this eighth season, but it looks like Fox is ready to end it for good.

This season might be its last. Studio executives are still discussing the future of the show, but the cost to make it has increased, and ratings have dropped. Thats not a good sign. They are expected to make a final decision in the next day or two. But even if Fox drops the show don't count it out, they are thinking about shopping the show around to other networks, but due to the age and cost to run the show, who knows if there will be any takers.

The show has had a great run and if it ends, as far as I'm concerned, it's ending on a very solid season and storyline. On top of that, don't forget that there is a feature film version of the show that is being discussed and it's currently in development. Screenwriter Billy Ray (State of Play, Flightplan) is currently writing the script, which takes Jack Bauer to Europe. Fox executives loved the idea. This is something that the studio won't be able to fully jump on until after the show has ended. So, maybe this is a good excuse to end the show and start focusing on the film.

Jack Bauer has had a pretty crazy life, and eight incredibly terrible and stressful days saving millions of lives. Maybe he deserves to really retire this time.

What do you all think?

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