BMW Ups the Ante on the Old Pulling the Tablecloth Trick

Videosby Eli Reyes

Here's a cool video making the rounds on the net that ups the ante on the "oldest trick in the world," pulling the tablecloth off without the place-settings falling off the table. It always looks simple enough in movies, and when magicians do it. But if you've ever tried it yourself you know it's harder than it looks.

But for those who know how to do it, a table for two? No problem. A table for four? Simple. How about an elaborate set up for a table for TWENTY FOUR??? That'll require a little help...

BMW shows off the performance of their S1000 RR "superbike," which goes from zero to 100km/h (62 mph) in just 2.9 seconds!

I don't know what kind of set up they used to make this trick work, to call it "fake" would probably be wrong, but choosing heavy place-settings and a smooth tablecloth definitely plays the biggest part. 

This next video was sent to BoingBoing by Magician Mat Ricardo, in response to BMW's experiment. Ricardo has spent years perfecting putting the tablecloth BACK ON the table without touching the place-settings.

You can watch the tablecloth trick at the 2:15 mark:



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