Chloë Moretz talks about LET ME IN Remake of Let The Right One In

Let Me In is the named of the film that is a remake of the fantastic Swedish foreign film, Let the Right One In. The film is being directed by Cloverfield director Matt Reeves, and this is a remake that should have never happened. The film stars Chloë Moretz as the young vampire girl in the film, Abby. She recently talked to Movieline about the film and her character.

Usually a lot of movies glamorize being a vampire. It’s pretty, it’s cool, you look awesome! The way we did it was that it's not cool to be a vampire. It’s a burden that she has to carry with her, not this fun, cool, interesting thing. It’s scary, deep, and dark, this devil inside of her. The vampire is different than Abby. It’s like her alternate personality, and when it takes her over, she has no control.

If you have seen the original then you already know this about the movie and character, if you haven't seen the original film yet then I suggest you watch it now. The remake also stars Kodi Smit-McPheeRichard JenkinsElias KoteasCara Buono and Sasha Barrese.

Adding onto the Let Me In news, Cinematical has a press transcript from the films producer Simon Oaks. One of the main things that caught my eye in the interview was this statement:

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