Hugo Weaving as Red Skull in CAPTAIN AMERICA!? Umm... Awesome!

While we're waiting to find out who will play Steve Rogers in The First Avenger: Captain America, Marvel Entertainment and director Joe Johnston are currently in talks with Hugo Weaving to take on the role of the villain in the film... Red Skull! How freakin cool is that! 

Right now the negotiations between Weaving and Marvel are in a delicate stage, and we'll know for sure what will happen in the next day or so. Apparently, as you can imagine, Marvel plays hardball in the negotiation process and usually are looking for multi-movie commitments from the actors they cast. So who knows how it will all go down. 

Hugo Weaving and Johnston both worked together on Universal Pictures The Wolfman, and in my opinion, Weaving was the best part of that movie. 

I would absolutely love to see Weaving take on the role of Red Skull! He makes such a great villain.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Weaving playing Red Skull?

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