Sam Worthington to play DAN DARE: PILOT OF THE FUTURE

Sam Worthington has become one of Hollywoods most sought after actors, and he literarily blew up from out of no where. He's gone from one big high profile film to another, with Terminator Salvation, Avatar, and Clash of the Titans already under his belt he's ready to get to work on some more big projects. 

According to Pajiba he's been cast as the lead in a new film called Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future. Now I bet your wondering who in the hell is Dan Dare? Well, he's been around for quite awhile actually. He's a British sci-fi comic hero who was created by Frank Hampson way back in the year 1950. Dan Dare appeared in the Eagle comic story Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, dramatised 7 times a week on Radio Luxembourg.

The stories were set in the late 1990s but the dialogue and manner of the characters is reminiscent of British war films of the 1950s. Dan Dare has been described as as the British equivalent of Buck Rogers. The comic was distinguished by its long, complex story lines, snappy dialogue and meticulously illustrated comic-strip artwork.

Virgin Comic  actually launched a comicbook mini-series a few years ago, which was written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Gary Erskine and is a completely new and somewhat darker intrepretation of the character.


Here's a description of Dan Dare:

His full name is Colinel Daniel McGregor Dare. He was chief pilot of the Interplanet Space Fleet. He was born in Manchester, England, in 1967 and educated at Rossall School. Although not a super-hero, he sometimes pulled off exceptional piloting and often proved extraordinarily lucky. He excelled at jiu jitsu, but he most often found non-violent solutions to predicaments. He was bound by a sense of honour, never lied, and would rather die than break his word.

This film project is now a priority at Warner Bros, but They have yet to bring on a writer or director. They are on the hunt but as of right now Sam Worthington is the only name attached to the project. He's got a good amount of projects on the pipeline already so who knows where this falls in line with the rest of them.

Worthington seems like a very likable guy, and the character of Dan dare seems to fit him perfectly, so I'm excited to see this film go into production.

What are your thoughts on Worthington playing Dan Dare?

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