David Fincher's HEAVY METAL is Moving Forward with James Cameron and Zack Snyder

David Fincher has been working on getting a new animated Heavy Metal feature off the ground for a couple of years now. He had the film set up at Paramount Pictures when he first started developing the project, but the studio ended up dropping it after The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was released. 

Throughout the years it's been reported that Zack Snyder, Guillermo del Toro, Gore Verbinski and James Cameron have all been approached about directing an animated segment of the film. The movie will be a collection of short animated films. Out of these four directors, it was confirmed today at Deadline Hollywood that James Cameron and Zack Snyder are attached to direct a part of this film for sure. David Fincher will obviously direct a segment, as well as Heavy Metal magazine publisher Kevin Eastman, and Tim Miller who is the head of Blur Studios, which is the company that will handle the animation of the film. 

Fincher is currently shopping around the new Heavy Metal film and looking for a financier and distributor. The new film package that Fincher is selling is much more appealing than the last one he had. I seriously doubt this movie will have problems finding someone to take it on because it has huge fanboy and fangirl appeal with the directors that have been attached to the project so far. It should be interesting to see who else eventually jumps on board. 

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