Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds will Switch Bodies in THE CHANGE-UP

Universal Pictures has found its two leads for their comedy The Change-Up, with Ryan Reynolds and studio go-to-guy Jason Bateman signing on to play two best friends who switch bodies.

Sounds like something out of the late 80's early 90's era of comedies, especially with character descriptions that sounds straight out of a bad trailer. 

Just imagine this in a higher pitched trailer announcer, someone who's done an Adam Sandler trailer or something. "Jason Bateman is a a 'responsible family man,' Ryan Reynolds is a 'lazy man-child.' These best-friends are in desperate need of a change up. So what happens when they switch bodies? Find out.... in The Change-Up."

Of course the casting of the two actors at the top of their game, leads me to believe this has plenty of potential, perhaps with plot lines that are being kept under wraps. Another thing pointing in the direction of some laugh out loud comedy is the fact that the screenplay was written by  Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writing duo behind The Hangover and Four Christmases. Though you do have to look past the fact that they also wrote Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

What's not known is whether this is an unwilling transformation, ala Freaky Friday, or if this is done on purpose, something along the lines of Face Off, or to a lesser extent Being John Malkovich. Either way, it's the casting so far that has me on board. Bateman and Reynolds both have their signature deadpan deliveries, and to see how the two mimic one another when they do switch bodies will be interesting.

There's no word on who they're looking to direct, but Universal is aiming to begin shooting The Change-Up in September.

What do you think of Reynolds and Bateman in THE CHANGE-UP?

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