Robert Downey Jr. in talks to Star in 3D Space Film GRAVITY

Robert Downey Jr. is currently in negotiations to take the lead role in a new 3D sci-fi space adventure film called Gravity. Angelina Jolie was attached to the film at one point, but has since left the project. The film was originally being developed at Universal Pictures but they ended up letting it go. It eventually found a new home at Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men) is attached to direct

Downey will play the leader of a team posted at a remote space station. While he and a female colleague are traveling outside the space station, the other team members are decimated by debris from an exploded satellite. Apparently much of the film is devoted to the female colleague's struggle to get back to Earth and her daughter.

Gravity will be shot in Londen this Summer, and filming will end just in time for Downy Jr. to go start shooting Sherlock Holmes 2. This film project is surrounding itself with some great talent, so I have high hopes that it will end up being a great movie. Cuaron is a fantastic director, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve for this film.



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