Dana Valentine Comic book character is getting a Film Adaptation

Movieby Joey Paur

The newly formed C2 Entertainment is going into production on a new comic book film adaptation called Dana Valentine: Brains, Beauty and Bullets

The comic property, written and illustrated by Daniel Cooney, has 12 issues and three trade paperback graphic novels; they are called  Fully Loaded, Red Rain and The Killing Moon. A fourth graphic novel will be published in the fourth quarter.

The story follows a female contract-killer named Dana Valentine, who has an addictive attraction to risk and violence in the deadly world of the killing game. It explores the dichotomy of a killer on the job and the mental after-effects of a woman who’s morally questionable profession has made her a liability to everyone she’s ever known, including herself. The premise of the story begs to ask if violence can be a force for good through a barrel of a gun and explores the unrelenting resolve of a female assassin.

This sounds like it could make for a good action thriller. The movie got a $25 million to $30 million dollar budget and that more than enough to turn this story into a great movie. 

Have you read the comic? What are your thoughts on this comic getting the big screen treatment?

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