David Fincher will Direct Bobby Fischer Biopic PAWN SACRIFICE

Movie David Fincher by Eli Reyes

Last month, it was rumored that in the wake of the scrapped plans for Spider-man 4, Tobey Maguire would be setting up Columbia Pictures Bobby Fischer biopic, Pawn Sacrifice, which he is producing, as a potential starring vehicle.

Though Maguire has long been attached to produce Steven Knight's 2009 Black Listed script through his Maguire Entertainment banner, there has still been no conformation on whether or not he'll star as the famed chess player.

But the film just got itself a director that is sure to ramp up even more excitement for this biopic! David Fincher is attached to helm Pawn Sacrifice, which will tell the life story of American chess icon Bobby Fischer, leading up to his unlikely victory over Russian chess champ Boris Spassky, at the 1972 world championship.

As much as I loved The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I'm hoping this won't feel as long. I'm hoping the events of the championship match will be the focus, and not just the climax. Biopics tend to wear me out.

Columbia Pictures are on a Fincher high at the moment, after becoming the first final-cut director for the studio when he signed on for his upcoming Facebook movie The Social Network, they are also looking to have him helm the high-profile literary adaptation The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, though no deal has been set.

What do you think of David Fincher bringing the life story of Bobby Fischer to the screen with PAWN SACRIFICE?

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