GEEKTYRANT WEEKLY PODCAST # 64: Review Extravaganza

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Hello and welcome to Episode 64 of the GeekTyrant Weekly Podcast! Faithful listeners may have wondered if we abandoned you, but fear not! We're back after a two week absence and we're here to rock your world with SIX (count 'em, six!) reviews all in one podcast

Hear Dr. Venkman, Bob Neek, Mazer, Abe Froman, and Ben P. give the rundown on some upcoming flicks and some that haven't hit big screens yet. Bonus game: Count how many times Venkman says "Matt Damon" in our discussion of Green Zone - the first person to comment the correct number gets a massive team high five from the GT crew!



Green Zone - 00:01:48
Alice in Wonderland - 00:12:00
She's Out of My League - 00:26:42
Hot Tub Time Machine - 00:31:17
Chloe - 00:43:00
How to Train Your Dragon - 00:51:30


Movie News
Predators First Look - 01:01:06


Coming Soon
The Bounty Hunter - 01:05:19
Hubble 3D - 01:05:57
Repo Men - 01:06:45
The Runaways - 01:08:23
God of War III - 01:09:41
Just Cause 2 - 01:11:30



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