GREEN LANTERN's Abin Sur and Tom Kalmaku Characters have been Cast

Warner Bros. has recruited two well known actors from the land of New Zealand for roles in their Green Lantern film. You should be happy to know that filmmaker/actor Taika Waititi (Eagle Vs. Shark, Boy), and actor Temuera Morrison who played Jango Fett in the Star Wars films, have both joined Ryan Reynold's in the comic book film adaptation of Green Lantern.

Waititi will play Hal Jordan's best friend Thomas Kalmaku, an engineer at Ferris Aircraft, where he mentors and befriends Hal Jordan. Due to his Inuit decent, he is derogatorily referred to as 'Pieface' by several employees of Ferris Air. 

Morrison is playing Abin Sur,  the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. After being attacked by the villain Legion, Abin is mortally wounded and crash lands on Earth. He then dispatches his Green Lantern ring to find a worthy successor; which ends up being Hal Jordan. 

Shooting actually begins this week in New Orleans with Martin Campbell directing it. Warner Bros. is planning to release the film in 3D, but I'm not sure if it is actually going to be shot in 3D or just converted like they are doing with Clash of the Titans

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