SyFy Developing another BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Spin-off Series?

The SyFy channel is currently in the early stages of developing a new Battlestar Galactica spin-off series! How freakin awesome is that?! There aren't a lot of details on the project yet since they have just started talking about it, but Mark Stern (executive vp development) said the title would mark a return to the franchise’s space-opera roots.

We’re looking for other ways to spin off ‘Battlestar’ beyond ‘Caprica,’ That world is so rich. We’re sitting down with (executive producer) Ron Moore and his team. It would not necessarily be a traditional series.

If they can find another good setting and story to tell within this universe, I'll be there to watch it. Galactica was an amazing series, and I really enjoy watching Caprica, which is most likely going to get a second season. Stern said the show is hitting a series high in the adult demographic using Live+7 ratings, drawing 1.6 million viewers and 913,000 adults 18-49.

We have a lot of hope for that show. The (DVR data) has been very promising and growing week after week. The ratings don't reflect the potential audience.

The Battlestar Galactica franchise is one of strongest properties that SyFy has to work with. They recently greenlit another new series that some of you might find interesting. The new series puts a spin on the traditional superhero genre. 

The series is called Three Inches and it comes from Twin Peaks writer Harley Peyton. The 90 minute pilot centers on an underachiever who gains the power to move any object using his mind, but only for a distance of three inches. He recruits a team of fellow heroes, each with their own less-than-spectacular abilities. Stern called the script "a fun, smart, offbeat spin on the superhero genre." David Madden, executive vp at Fox TV Studios, added,

We felt there was something special and particularly twisted about this script, both in tone and in its sense of imagination.

SyFy looks like it's developing some pretty good shows, but I'm really interested in seeing what they do with this new Galactica spin-off series, if it actually ends up getting past the talking idea stage.

What do you think about another Battlestar Galactica spin-off series and the other series that they are putting into development?

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