First Look: Behind The Scenes of TRON LEGACY

Above and below we have our first look behind the scenes of Disney's Tron Legacy. Up top we have the 4 men responsible for bringing us back into the world of Tron -- from the left, Garrett Hedlund, stars as Sam Flynn; original Tron director and Tron Legacy producer Steve Lisberger; Oscar-Winner Jeff Bridges reprising his role as Kevin Flynn; and helmer Joseph Kosinski, making his feature directorial debut in the extremely high budget 3D adventure. Below we also get a look at Olivia Wilde (no FX needed for her to blow people's minds), who plays Quorra, Kevin Flynn's loyal confidant.

Wilde, Kosinski and Bridges, discussing the "end of the line" bar scene.

Behind the "end of the line" bar is Lisberger, decked out in all white, with his chest hair out in full fledge. In front of him, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund rehearse a fight scene with some Tron baddies.

The pictures come from an interview Bridges did with HitFix. Click on over to read the full interview.

Bridges shies away from talking about the story, but gives some interesting notes about his return to the Tron, the costumes and the filmmaking team. What I find most interesting about the interview, is that Brides reveals Kosinski's education in architecture is really evident in his style of filmmaking. I'm glad that we see a lot of the set was made practically. There will definitely be some set extension, but this will really feel like a developed world, instead of a bunch of actors in front of a green screen. The details in the costumes look amazing. Bridges says that although the new costumes come with a whole new set of promblems -- the lighting systems can overheat -- they are much better than the taped together costumes from the original.

I'm really looking forward to seein this film, and it's no secret that the fact that this was shot in 3D, and not converted, enhances the experience of the film all the more.

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