New Animated STAR WARS TV Series for Pre-Schoolers

Movie Star Wars by Joey Paur

George Lucas is looking at building up a whole new generation of Star Wars geeks by introducing kids to the Star Wars universe at an extremely young age. According to IESB Lucas and his Lucasfilm gang have hired a director and are currently in pre-production on a new animated TV series for Pre-school and kindergarden age children.

The series is based on the Star Wars children's toy line Star Wars: Galactic Heroes. The working title for the TV series is apparently called Squishies. There's no information yet on where the series will air, but I imagine it will end up on Cartoon Network, since they are already airing the Clone Wars series. 

If you've got young kids and you've been wanting to introduce them to the Star Wars universe, this series is your opportunity to do so. I'm sure the kids will get hooked. As for the older audience, there's nothing about this that appeals to us. Clone Wars has been a fun show to watch with the kids, but I just can't see myself watching a series like this at all. But I guess there's no way it could end up being as bad as some of those other annoying kid shows on TV these days.

I agree with IESB when they say this is just another way for Lucas to fill his pockets with more cash. I just don't see anything good coming from this. Unless they have Darth Vader teaching these young kids their Alphabet and numbers.

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