This Week in Comics, 03.17.2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day, lads and lassies. And a top o' the mornin' to those lassies who joined me for the 12th Annual "For the Green Charity Beer Chugging Contest" last Wednesday. We managed to raise $6.3 million dollars for further production of This Week in Comics. So I can promise you now, we'll be around for a LONG time.

So let's get to the news!

-- I really enjoy seeing 1930s pulp comic heroes being reinvented for the new generation. What was once a narrative-noir to help the depression-ridden country escape from their problems is now fodder for Kevin Smith and Harlan Ellison to make some money. And if Billy Zane is still cashing checks from his Phantom movie, then I guess it's good for him too. It's even better for that one Billy Zane fan out there! [Harlan Ellison On The Missing Green Hornet/Phantom Crossover]

-- The last time I recall Superman going to war was in Justice League: The New Frontier, where he fought in the Korean War. Just think Walt Kowalski with a red cape. If you haven't been keeping up with Superman's exploits on New Krypton, you're gonna kinda be outta the loop. But don't fret, with only 12 issues to catch up on, one installment a week should keep your wallet happy and prepare you for the Kryptonian Wars this summer. [ECCC: Superman Goes to War Panel]

-- Oh hey look, people that have done nothing creative for society and have lived off their parents' fame are suing for more money. Yep, you guessed it, Jack Kirby's family has a new enemy with the House of Mouse, Walt Disney, and their new partner in crime, Marvel. I won't bore you with the legal details, just that the Kirbys suck dong. Sure, they're entitled to some money, if it were Jack Kirby's wish to give it to them. But shouldn't they be satisfied that their father's legacy is going to be kept intact with new movies, comics and multimedia? Oh, wait, they're only in it for the money? Well, screw them! [Jack Kirby's Heirs Sue Marvel & Disney]

-- Ever pick up a girl using a line from Darkwing Duck? "Hey girl, you in trouble? Just call DW..." Then she realizes that my name isn't DW, and I get a hardy slap in the face. I'm talking this girl has bear paws. But I digress. Darkwing Duck is coming back in comic form after a 18-year hiatus. To think that show was only on for a little over a year, yet shaped most of our childhoods. I still flip my recliner over hoping to enter my secret headquarters... [Brill is the Terror that Flaps in the Night W/ DARKWING DUCK]

-- Among all the really hot women in the DCU, Starfire is among one of the hottest. I mean, not only does she have ridiculously long red hair, a great orange alien body and fight in nothing more than a metal bikini, but she shoots green light! What a great St. Patrick's Day date she'd be! My shamrock's sproutin' four-leaf clovers just thinking about it. What? What do you mean I'm fired?? [Editor Brian Cunningham on Starfire joining R.E.B.E.L.S.]

-- Finally, I have to mention, one of my favorite titles is getting a new writer. Red Robin, with former Robin Tim Drake as the protagonist, is a gritty side-story to the Batman family of comics. Besides that, it's a dark tale that manages to stand on its own; while many new comics come and fail, Red Robin has managed to keep my interest. If you enjoy Batman, you'll enjoy Red Robin; if you don't read Red Robin, there's a good chance you're one of Jack Kirby's kids. Screw you! [FABIAN NICIEZA SIGNS UP AS REGULAR RED ROBIN WRITER]


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