Chris Evans offered the Role of CAPTAIN AMERICA

Chris Evans could be trading in the blue and white suit of a Marvel Comics superhero -- Johnny Storm/ The Human Torch in Fox's Fantastic 4 films -- for the blue and white suit of another Marvel Comics superhero -- Steve Rogers/Captain America in Marvel Studios' The First Avenger: Captain America. But instead of a 4 on his chest, he'll have an A on his forehead... which kinda also looks like a 4... just sayin'.

THR reports that Marvel has offered the role of Captain America to Evans. As reported with the long list of past hopefuls, Evans' offer would include a nine-film contract, with up to three Captain America-headlined movies, as well as potential spinoffs, cameo appearances, and "team-up" films (a.k.a The Avengers).

Before the whole geek community either raises their glasses, or gets punched in the glasses, let's keep in mind that Marvel has not confirmed this, and that Evans reps declined to comment.

Their sources say that Evans has not signed on yet, not out of lack of interest, but that Evans is committed to co-starring in the Anna Faris romantic comedy What's Your Number?, which is also scheduled to shoot this summer. The studio could hold him to that, you may remember Emily Blunt had to drop out of the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 (was replaced with Scarlett Johansson), because Fox exercised an option it held on the actress and put her into Gulliver's Travels. Coincidentally, Blunt is on the short list of actresses up for the female lead of the film, Peggy.

Evans is one of the recent list of well-knowns (Ryan Phillipe, John Krasinski, Chace CrawfordChanning Tatum, Chris Pine, Dane Cook, etc.) to emerge as a contender for the role, after a long bout of newcomers (Mike Vogel, Scott Porter, Michael Cassidy, Garrett Hedlund, Patrick Flueger, etc.) were pined over and eventually tossed aside. Evans, however, was one of the only actors not to screen test for the role!

Evans has already completed two other forthcoming comic-book adaptations, with DC Comics' The Losers in the can and also appears in Oni Press' Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. If he signs on, Evans would be only the second confirmed casting for director Joe Johnston's Captain America set to shoot in England, joining Hugo Weaving, who has been cast as the villain Red Skull.

What do you think of Chris Evans being offered the role of Captain America???

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