NASA Just Got Even Geekier?!


Here's proof that even the smartest group of people, who are under the most impossible amount of scrutiny on an everyday basis, still have to fulfill the urge to Geek Out by showing their love of movies! The folks at NASA celebrate every mission that gets sent out into space with its own poster spoof. The posters are just cheesy fun -- the kind that probably has all their kids slapping their foreheads -- but their lives are on the line in the missions themselves. It's good to see that they still have a real sense of humor!

Even though they're lives and work revolve around science-non-fiction, they've gotta give it up for sci-fi, with spoofs of Star Trek Next Gen and Abrams reboot to The Matrix -- and even the crime films, like Reservoir Dogs and Ocean's 12.

To Check out the Rest of the Posters, visit NASA's Official Site.



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