THE AVENGERS Screenplay Has Been Turned In


The May 4th, 2012 scheduled release date of Marvel's big-screen version of The Avengers may seem like a far off dream, but it is slowly but surely becoming a reality.  

Things are definitely moving forward, with Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada confirming via Twitter that screenwriter Zak Penn has turned in the first draft of The Avengers screenplay!

All the Marvel Studio films have been building towards this movie, and all the right people are keeping the continuity and tone of the films that have come out and are currently being worked on --   Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Hulk -- in check, so that a film that encompasses this many characters and combines so many visions will work naturally and seamlessly. I can't wait!

To read an interview where Marvel's Kevin Feige explains just how they plan to do this, Click Here.

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