THE HANGOVER 2 to Be Shot in Stereoscopic 3D?

It's no surprise that 3D films are the new fad in Hollywood, up to this point it's mostly been used for big budget action films, bad horror movies, and awful kid flicks. Both James Cameron and Martin Scorsese have said that they hope to see 3D filmmaking expand into all kinds of films. Now it looks like this 3D vision is becoming a reality. I really never expected a movie like the Hangover 2 to be shot in 3D. But, according to director Todd Phillips, thats exactly what he wants to do. 

Marketsaw reports that Phillips agrees with with Cameron in that soon everything will be in 3D, and went on to to say, "Why wouldn't you shoot in 3D?" When he was asked about The Hangover 2 being shot in 3D, he said that he had already talked to Cameron about the possibility, because it would be "the perfect movie to do in 3D." Cameron invited him out to show him things that he's been working on. It really sounds like Phillips is plans on going all out for 3D filmmaking. When he does start making films in 3D it will be done right, shooting in stereoscopic 3D.

The Hangover sequel is currently being written there is no word on where the story will take place, we've heard rumors of Thailand and Miami. One thing is for sure, the character wont be going back to Vegas. The movie is scheduled to being shooting at the end of November. 

There seems to be a lot of mixed feeling about all of the 3D movies Hollywood is producing. I loved what Cameron did with Avatar, but I'm still on the fence. I just hate all of the weak sauce 3D conversions that are being done right now. It's a total waste of money and time. Word on the street is the Clash of the Titans 3D conversion sucks ass. Maybe if they actually start making these 3D movies right from the beginning people will be more receptive. I just think the studios are still using it as a gimmick instead of a story enhancer. It should be interesting to see a movie like The Hangover 2 shot in 3D, I'm definitely interested to see what 3D can do for a comedic story. 

What are your thoughts on The Hangover being shot in 3D?

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