Tim Burton's Next Film Project to be FRANKENWEENIE

We recently reported that Tim Burton was going to jump on board a new stop-motion 3D re-imagining of The Addams Family. This was not intended to be his next project. The Addams Family is something he'll probably do somewhere down the line. According to AICN his next stop-motion 3D film project will be a full length feature film of an ORIGINAL story that he came up with back in the 80's called Frankenweenie

The feature film project was first announced by Disney at the D23 Expo last year, but we didn't know when Burton would actually get around to making it. In Burton's original short film, a boy brings his dead dog back to life by re-animating it. After he does this the dog is rejected and persecuted by an angry mob.

Executive producer of the film, Don Hahn, had this to say at a Q&A at SXSW,

The puppets are ready, the script is done and now that Tim Burton is clear of ALICE IN WONDERLAND... he's set to helm FRANKENWEENIE in 3D.

The original film was only 30 minutes long, now they can go in there and tell more of the story, show more of the re-animation and mob elements and expand more on the Frankenstein legend. The new script for the film has more Frankenstein and more dog and will also introduce us to some new characters. For more details on the movie Click Here.

Seeing this brought to life on the big screen will be a great treat. This is something I've wanted to see happen since I saw the short film. This is a Burton movie project we can really get excited about because it's actually an original film based on his ideas and designs.  

If you haven't seen the original short film yet then watch it below! What are your thoughts on Burton directing Frankenweenie next?

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