Awesomely Creative WARREN LICH Sci-fi Movie Concept Trailer

MovieTrailerby Joey Paur

I love to see talented aspiring filmmakers actually take the time to go out and create something original in attempting to get noticed and break into the industry. Shaun Rana from Copenhagen, Denmark did exactly that, and developed a little promo trailer for a sci-fi movie idea that he has called Warren Lich. He wrote, directed, edited, shot, scored, and did all the visual effects by himself for only 1,000EUR. He hopes that this will lead him in turning it into a full feature film. Just imagine what this guy could do with an actual budget! 

He filmed the concept trailer using a Panasonic AG-HPX170P, 5 lamps, some cheap chromakey fabric and a rope for wiring. He spent two days shooting in an old warehouse. 

I would love to see this film reach its full potential as a feature film. It just looks like it could be an incredibly fun and creative film. Check out the concept tailer below and tell us what ya think! For more info visit the official website.

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