Caprica's Alessandra Torresani Loves Her Fans!

Ok, so I might be the biggest Battlestar Galactica/ Caprica fan out there and I politely stalk Alessandra Torresani, she plays Zoe Graystone who has become the first Cylon! The show finishes up it's first season this Friday, March 26th on Syfy so tune in people! This is a really cool show!

I had a very brief conversation with Alessandra on Twitter early today and she loves her fans! She keeps up with the ratings, all 1.8 million of you last Friday night and this is where I come in. She'd like as many of you fans to join her on Twitter so ya'll can join in when she tweets/twits (whatever you call them), I for one can tell ya'll that she shares a lot of pictures and let me tell you she is easy on the eyes! She's on the go all the time so she is sharing these cool little adventures with her fans!

Here's what was shared on Twitter early today;

She said;

Season 1 finale FRIDAY 9pm @syfy #CAPRICA! Now how can I get our 1.8 million viewers to follow me on twitter???

And then I said;

@BambolaBambina I will post your Twitter over on @GeekTyrant. For you! We have over 25000 followers and that'll help you out some!

And then she said;

@Brian__S why thank you! The more the merrier ha

And then I said; 

@BambolaBambina Anything for my favorite Cylon! @GeekTyrant Prettiest Cylon to I might add!


Hey don't judge me! I'll kiss her butt if I want too! She knows of GeekTyrant's loyal and always growing Twitter Army so let's show her some love Geeks!

Simply follow Alessandra on Twitter at @BambolaBambina and remember to watch Caprica, which I say is the the best show on TV!

Visit her website here!

*Shameless Plug*And while ya'll are at it you can follow me too @Brian__S ,I'm not as pretty as her so you can just say you follow me out of charity or pity, yep that'll do!


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