Liam Neeson and Cedric The Entertainer Cast in Lee Daniels' Civil Rights film SELMA


As we've reported previously, Precious director Lee Daniels is building up the cast for his next film, Selma, which takes place during the Civil Rights in Selma, Alabama. The recent casting news for this film includes Liam Neeson who will play the role of President Lyndon Johnson, and Cedric The Entertainer who will play minister and activist Ralph Abernathy, Martin Luthor King's best friend and right hand man. 

Hugh Jackman has already been cast as the town sheriff, Lenny Kravitz will play activist Andrew Young and Bristish actor David Oyelowo will take on the role of Martin Luthor King Jr. It was reported that Robert De Niro would play George Wallace in the film but apparently that is no longer the case, and the role has yet to filled.

The film is set against the backdrop of the civil rights disputes that raged during the 1960s. It is specifically focused on one moment in time in the middle of the decade. Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ostensibly made segregation illegal, local governments in less forward-thinking parts of the country still built barriers designed to defeat black citizens who wished to exercise their constitutional rights.

Neeson has long been attached to Spielberg'as Abraham Lincoln biopic which means he will have ended up playing at least two different American presidents in his career. That's if Spielberg finally decides to make the movie!

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