This Week in Comics, 03.24.2010

Now what the hell happens when the Human Torch runs into Captain America? They look exactly the same! Are we suppose to just buy that, Marvel Studios? Val Kilmer would never have approved of this self-inflicted confusion. He's f*ckin' BATMAN!!

**sigh** Let's start this week's This Week in Comics...

-- As a reader and an accomplished artist, I'm pretty hit or miss on Alex Ross. I just absolutely loved his work for Kingdom Come, and for those TWIC fans not into comics (wait, how'd you get here?), this is the best work to get hooked with. However, his work in JUSTICE? Story-wise? Complete crap. But then he comes back and blows me away with his contribution to Thy Kingdom Come in the recent JSA series. My point being, Ross has a new book coming out dedicated to his beloved work . I already have Mythology, why do I need another Ross book? Oh, that's right, the big bucks. [Kidd Designs Alex Ross' "Rough Justice"]

-- On a cooler note, here's a series I've often overlooked for its sheer complexity. Comic Book Legends Revealed over at Comic Book Resources is actually a pretty good read if you're into the history of comics and the artwork of an era long since lost. This time around, to celebrate baseball spring training,  Brian Cronin looks into the life and times of comic artist/possible baseball star Frank Frazetta. But don't get too  hooked on Cronin's writing, I need the paycheck here. I haven't eaten in WEEKS!! [Comic Book Legends Revealed #252!]

-- One of my favorite characters, Power Girl, has a new creative team. Why are authors leaving this title? Is it because of her large breasts? How does this writer keep from handing in scripts with just derivatives of Power Girl stepping out of the shower? Just add a demented monkey scientist and you have yourself a 6-issue story arc!! Damn it, now I have to go buy Power Girl!! [Unveiling the new POWER GIRL creative team]

-- Remember that show Batman Beyond that wasn't as good as the original Batman: The Animated Series? Yeah, it was pretty much the Bonkers of the DCAU. Did you know Bonkers was on the air longer than Darkwing Duck? I'm completely baffled. About as baffled as when I heard the news DC Comics was bringing back Batman Beyond! Why don't we just bring back Static Shock too? Wait, WHAT?! **shoots Bengal tiger cub** [BATMAN BEYOND returns in June]

Sorry for the short news week, folks, it was a short news week. I wish I could give you a homework assignment to keep you busy until the next TWIC. Ooh, I've got one! Watch the first episode of Conan the Adventurer on HULU. Man, that'll make you appreciate the good things in life.

TWIC Picks: Nemesis #1, Green Lantern #53, New Avengers #63 and Avengers: The Initiative #34 

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