Tim Burton's Sleeping Beauty film MALEFICENT Gets a Screenwriter

Back in January it was rumored that Tim Burton was interested in directing a new Disney live-action film called Maleficent. The film takes the classic story of Sleeping beauty but puts a focus on the the villainous character. The whole story will be her point of view. Maleficent is definitely one of the most evil villains from Disney. I imagine the film will explore her deep hatred for the people of the Kingdom in which Princess Aurora lived, and what caused that hatred.

THR has confirmed that Burton is definitely interested in making this feature film, and Disney has hired a screenwriter to write it. Linda Woolverton will pen the screenplay, this is the same person that wrote Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. In my opinion Wonderland was definitely her weakest script.

So this film could end up reuniting Burton and Woolverton. This is not a done deal for Burton yet, as you know he's got a few other projects on the table such as Frankenweenie, The Addams Family and Dark Shadows. I think Maleficent is a very cool idea for a film, mostly because this character is one of the darkest fairy tale villains of all time.

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