Mattel Creating Toys to Turn into Films - First Stop, Underwater Aliens

Since Hollywood is looking at toys to turn into films, the toy companies are starting to create and design toys that can be turned into potential movies. We've seen a huge influx of toy and board game adaptations in Hollywood recently because they are looking for money making properties with built in audiences. Unfortunately, the result has been, and will most likely continue to be, a bunch of poorly made movies with awful scripts. 

Mattel has recently challenged its designers to come up with a brand spankin' new toy line that has the potential to simultaneously be adapted into a TV series, video game, or movie. And according to Vulture, Mattel is going to move forward with a concept that revolves around “an alien civilization that’s been living in the depths of Earth’s oceans.”

Not really a bad idea, but it's also not a new or original concept. Underwater UFO's and Aliens have been talked about for years.  I've seen a few documentaries on the History Channel that focuses on these underwater UFO's and I always thought it would make for an interesting film. Leave it to Mattel to actually get the ball rolling in turning it into a film. Fast and the Furious producer Neal Moritz is attached to help develop the new property, and they are currently on the search for a screenwriter. 

Here's a little video I found that claims they found proof. It's definitely a fun idea with lots of potential. Hopefully they develop it properly. 

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