1988 SPLATTERHOUSE Video Game Gets a 2010 Upgrade

Remember the 1988 video game Splaterhouse!? I totally forgot about that video game until today when I came across some screenshots from a new revamped game that is in development. It's been such a long time since I played that game but as soon as I saw the title and the main character Rick, the memories of me playing this game came flooding back, and as a write this I am have a great nostalgia moment. 

Splatterhouse was definitely the first violently bloody game I  played in my life. The game was a sidescrolling beat 'em up video game in which the player controls Rick, a parapsychology student who is trapped inside West Mansion. After his resurrection by the Terror Mask, Rick makes his way through the mansion, fighting off hordes of creatures in a vain attempt to save Jennifer from a grisly fate.

The game is now getting a very bloody upgrade which will pretty much follow the same story line as the original game, it will just look more realistic. The latest screenshots show off the devastating weapons that Rick can acquire and use in the game. Designated into categories such as bludgeon, edged, and 'extra brutal' weapons, Rick’s arsenal enables him to literally explode bodies into visceral chunks. Rick can annihilate, dismember, and utterly destroy his enemies with a menagerie of weapons, including a 2x4, baseball bat, cleaver, shotgun, and the massively devastating chainsaw.

Here's a little something to bring back the memories.

Now, here's what the new game will look like.

Full Story:

Two university students, Rick and Jennifer, take refuge from a storm in West Mansion, a local landmark known as "Splatterhouse" for the rumors of hideous experiments purportedly conducted there by Dr. West, a renowned and missing parapsychologist. At the mansion, the two are attacked by demonic creatures that drag Jennifer into the house and fatally wound Rick, leaving him for dead.

Rick awakens in the dungeon of the mansion to discover that he is still alive thanks to the influence of the "Terror Mask", or in some versions, the "Hell Mask", a Mayan sacrificial artifact from West's house which is capable of sentient thought. The mask attaches itself to Rick, fusing with his body and transforming him into a monster with superhuman strength. With the mask's encouragement, Rick goes on a rampage through the dungeon and the mansion grounds, killing hordes of monsters. Inside the mansion, Rick finds Jennifer, prone on a couch and surrounded by a throng of creatures that retreat upon his arrival. After their departure, Jennifer transforms into a giant, fanged monster that attempts to kill Rick while begging him for help. Rick kills Jennifer, who transforms back into her normal self and thanks him before she dies. Infuriated, Rick tracks the remaining monsters to a giant, bloody hole in the mansion's floor. Upon entering it, Rick discovers that the mansion itself is alive. He follows a bloody hallway, the house's "womb", which is producing fetus-like monsters that attack him. Rick destroys the womb, which causes the house to set ablaze as it "dies".

Escaping the burning mansion, Rick comes across a grave marker. The Terror Mask releases energy into the grave, reviving a giant monster that claws its way up from the earth and attempts to kill Rick. Rick destroys the creature, which unleashes a tormented ghost that dissipates into a series of bright lights. As the lights vanish, the mask explodes from Rick's face, turning him back to normal. Rick flees as the house burns to the ground. However, after he leaves, the pieces of the Terror Mask reassemble themselves and laugh.