A-Z of Awesomeness - The Geekiest Way to Learn The Alphabet

ArtHumor by Eli Reyes

If you are having trouble finding a way to make teaching your kids the alphabet fun for you, as well as your child, while bestowing some geek, comic book, and movie knowledge on them, then your problems are solved, all thanks to artist Neil Cameron, and his A-Z of Awesomeness project.

With the help of over 600 Facebook friends, who have taken each letter of the alphabet and crafted some of the most absurd and obscure sentences and references around them, Cameron paired them with brilliant illustrations that are sure to burn the geekiest of images into your child's retinas.

Oh, this can also be used if you yourself don't know the alphabet... you idiot.

Scroll down from A-Z to see how the characters used all come full circle:


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