PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 to be Directed by Tod "Kip" Williams

Well, it looks like Paramount Pictures has finally hired a someone to direct the sequel to their horror film hit Paranormal Activity. The director of the first film, Oren Peli, announced that Tod "Kip" Williams will be the man to direct Paranormal Activity 2.  Williams wasn't on the previous wish list of directors that leaked from Paramount which included Brian De Palma, Brad Anderson, Greg McLean, and Akiva Goldsman who is producing the film. I guess they all had better things to do. I've never heard of Williams before, but he's directed a couple films called, The Door in the Floor and Wings Over the Rockies. I haven't seen either film so I have no idea what to expect from the guy. I think it's cool though that they went with a lesser known director, to give him a chance to take on a major film project. Here's what Peli had to say in his announcement,

I have some awesome news for the fans of 'Paranormal Activity,' Director Kip Williams will join us for the next chapter of the story. We are thrilled to have Kip working with us. He is the guy we want at the helm, because he knows exactly what we want to deliver to the fans... and I can't wait to be a part of what he's putting together. I don't want to spoil the story but I promise it'll surprise you. Stay tuned.

So there ya have it! The movie starts shooting in May and will be released in theaters on October 22nd.

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