Y: THE LAST MAN Movie to be Directed by Louis Leterrier?

Our friends over at Latino Review got a hot tip from an inside source that the Brian Vaughn-written comic book Y: The Last Man is back on the road to being adapted into a feature film with the possibility of Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk,Clash of the Titans) directing. 

This film was originally set up with D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye) directing and Shia LaBeouf (Eagle Eye) to star at New Line Cinema, but that production has been extremely sluggish. So what happened? 

The original production of the film was obviously handled wrong. The script went through three different rewrites before it went into hibernation. Apparently the two head honchos at New Line have different agendas for their future movie plans, one wants to make crappy movies like Valentines Day and Sex and the City, the other wants to make films like Y: The Last Man. Unfortunately, the guy that wants to make the bad movies keeps on winning. But now it looks like the film could be on its way into production with Leterrier leading the charge.

If you haven't read Y: The Last Man yet, you have to! This is an incredibly well written story that has to be read! You won't be disappointed in it when you do. This would make for a fantastic movie, and I would love to see what Leterrier wants do with the material. 

If you don't know the writer of this comic series was also a co-producer and writer on the hit TV show LOST. He's currently trying to break into the movie business as a screenwriter and has so far has written a script called Roundtable set up at DreamWorks, and he's also in the process of developing his Marvel comic Runaways

What are your thoughts on Y: THE LAST MAN eventually making its way to the big screen with Leterrier possibly directing?

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