Burger King Enlists Horror Icons for Late Night Ads

Horror icons Chucky, Jason, Freddy Krueger and the guy from Scream... ummmmm, Ghostface guy person... will be featured in Burger King's latest ad campaigns, promoting that they will be open into the wee hours of the morining (when the murdering happens, shhhhh).

Dubai-based advertising agency Tonic came up with the idea to use the Child’s Play, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream characters, for the horror-themed ads.

Thomas and Kris came up with the following campaign showing the villains of the night that we know all to well, enjoying their favourite meal after a umm night out. The ads were shot in South Africa and Dubai by French photographer Ben Dauchez and retouched by Thomas himself. A job well done! The series comprises of four ads which will run in press and outdoor.

They may be cold-blooded (or no-blooded) murderers, but even they can't deny the power of the King. As for myself, I think BK's fries used to be the best... not so much anymore. But these ads are pretty awesome.

Check 'em out above and below and let us know what you think! Click on the images for hi-res.


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