SOCOM: SEAL TEAM SEVEN being Adapted for the Big Screen by the Director of Galaxy Quest

Movieby Joey Paur

Director Dean Parisot is currently in talks to direct a new film based on the M. Zachary Sherman 2006 graphic novel SOCOM: SEAL Team Seven. I've always been fascinated with the Navy SEALS, and the missions that these guys have pulled off. I've heard some pretty amazing stories from people I know that have served in the SEALS. Only, I've never heard stories from any of the Navy SEAL guys I know about battle forces in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, but I'm sure it will make for a pretty awesome film!

The project is being developed by Walden Media, and here is the official description from the graphic novel.

When a submarine is mysteriously downed in the Persian Gulf, CIA tactician Douglas Griffin is reactivated into his former SEAL team to investigate. Simultaneously, a string of mystifying attacks pits the U.S. Navy against the underwater Kingdom of Atlantis in a full-blown war against humanity's extinction. With the threat of global devastation imminent, twisting realities lead the SEALs from Atlantis' 5000 fathoms to the even deeper political waters of our government in this Spy-Fi action thriller!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dean Parisot's past work, he directed Home Fries, Fun with Dick and Jane and Galaxy Quest. Yes, Galaxy Quest! I loved that freakin' film! I could care less about the other two movies he directed, but the fact that he made Galaxy Quest sells me on him directing this film. His next project was going to be the Ed Helms comedy Central Intelligence, but that has reportedly been pushed back. I've been looking forward to Parisot directing another great film, I really hope this SEALS movie is it.

What do you all think about Parisot bringing this graphic novel to life?

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