Zac Efron Rumored to be in the running for FLASH GORDON

Director Breck Eisner (The Crazies) is neck deep in trying to develop his Flash Gordon dream project. It's a movie we know he's working on, and he's talked in depth about how he wants to make the movie, but as far as we know the movie has not yet gone officially into production. That won't stop the casting rumors from hitting the web though.

According to Digital Spy Zac Efron is currently in the running to play the lead character in the film Flash Gordon. I have no idea how legit these rumors are, but they've begun. Efron is also supposedly lined up to star in a new Johnny Quest movie with Dwayne Johnson. 

According to an inside source,

Zac is one of the frontrunners to play Flash and he's making no secret of the fact that he would love the role. Spider-Man has been done and he doesn't want to follow someone like Tobey Maguire. Flash would be all Zac and a chance for him to make a mark with his own franchise. He's very excited about the possiblity.

Come on... like he was ever really seriously up for the role in the new Spider-Man franchise. I call out total B.S. on this bit of casting news, but at least it open up the floor for some discussion.

Is Efron setting himself up as the vintage comic movie actor guy? I'm not a big fan of Efron so I hope these rumors actually turn out to be false, I just think there are better actors out there that can take on the role. I can actually see him in a Johnny Quest movie, but not as Flash Gordon. Now Sam Worthington has also been rumored to be up for the role. These two actors aren't even in the same league.

Personally I doubt Eisner or the studio have even met with any actors yet.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of or Efron playing Flash Gordon?