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Maskhead asks the question;"what turns you on?" and tells the story of Syl (Shelby Vogel) and Maddie (Dani Inks) who are  lesbians lovers who make fetish movies with an extra kick to them, they kill the unsuspecting people they put in their movies. Syl and Maddie also have a few "partners in crime", The Cowboy(Daniel V. Klein) and Maskehead (Michael Witherel)who serves as their own personal torture device!

                                          The good, the bad and the twisted!

First thing I'm going to talk about is the bad. The film seems to jump from place to place and I got lost a few times but I think the few "jump" scenes were intentional as it ends up being a "movie within a movie", get it!. Another thing about Maskhead that I didn't really like is it has that hand-held camera feel to it from time to time which I'm not a fan of but I know there are plenty of people that do like that feel to a movie, remember Blair Witch? Don't get me wrong you have to remember we are watching Syl and Maddie film their movies!

Now to the good. Maskhead is hitting on all cylinders when it comes to an orginal horror idea. This doesn't even come close to anything that has been made out there exept maybe Gutterballs and I'll get to that later. It has great gory kill scenes mixed with underground fetish treatments that I couldn't even think of (and I'm pretty messed up). Maskhead isn't afraid to go the extra mile and push the limits of what other horror films are afraid to deliver on. It pretty much tells our beloved censors to go fuck themselves and I give kudos to this films guts, literally! Watching our lesbian couple engage in their everyday relationship while mixing in the fetish kills that their pal The Cowboy hand delivers so that they can shoot their unsuspecting victims as their own personal fetish henchman, Maskhead delivers his role right on cue.

And finally the twisted. Maskhead to me is if Gutterballs had a love child with any or all of our beloved masked killers from the slasher films we all grew up to love and then had an affair with some raunchy porn from the 80's! This twisted movie is original gore fetish/horror through and through. Folks we have a new masked killer now who not only has this cool bandage/bondage/grill mess going on but he loves to torture and come up with new and inventive ways to kill his victims and to top that off watching Syl and Maddie walk around filming this while it happens makes it even creepier to the viewer! There are two stand out scenes in this flick and I will not ruin it for you but I will say check out the clown girl and the finale! Holy shit people!

The verdict on Maskhead is it simply left me wanting...............more Maskhead! Scott Swan (writer/director) and Fred Vogel (director) and the rest of the Toe Tag Pictures family have invented a new Underground Horror Icon that has been introduced to the true horror fans out there! Go get this fun movie people, you can buy it from the Toe Tag Pictures store here!

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