Oscars Will Pay Tribute To Horror Films - It's About Time!

Word on the street is that the 82nd Annual Academy Awards is going to pay tribute to horror films, and I gotta say, it's about bloody time!

Horror films are a genre of film that the Academy tends to overlook, they aren't taken as seriously as some of the other genres. I can see why, there are a ton of awful horror films that are produced in Hollywood but every once in a awhile there is a great one that should be recognized. Sci-Fi films are definitely getting more love at the Oscars than ever before, maybe one day Horror will too.

If you consider Silence of the Lambs a horror film like I do (some people may argue differently) its been 19 years since it won the oscar for Best Picture. Bloody-Disgusting got the tip-off on the news.

There's no information on what is planned for the tribute. It will either be one of those great film montages that they do or perhaps they will do a little horror stage performance. The Academy Awards will air on Sunday, March 7th on ABC.

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