Stefan Ruzowitzky in talks to Helm The LAST VOYAGE of the DEMETER

MovieDraculaby Eli Reyes

Last May we reported that Marcus Nispel (Friday the 13th) was going to helm The Last Voyage of the Demeter, from a decade old script by Bragi Schut (Season of the Witch). Nispel is now developing the Conan reboot, and Phoenix Pictures is looking for a new director to take over the helm.

Oscar-winning Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky (The Counterfeiters) is in talks to direct the film, which would be his English-language debut.

The story centers around the ship that transported Dracula from Transylvania to London in Bram Stoker's classic tale. In that novel, the Demeter washes up on the shores of England, tattered and broken, with one raving mad survivor. Shut's script places the voyage center stage in a tale that is said to be reminiscent of the first Alien movie, in which a crew is slaughtered one-by-one by a mysterious passenger.

Phoenix Pictures' Mike Medavoy, Arnold Messer and Bradley Fischer are producing.

I'm not familiar with Ruzowitzky's work, but the Oscar-winning director would be a huge step up from Nispel.

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